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do the Healing!

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make a difference,

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Become a Costa Rican CBD Consultant and Representative, natural health expert, self-made entrepreneur - from home and on the go.
Join us and Make The big money.

We are currently hiring top-notch representatives that will join us to take over the Costa Rican market, offering a powerful opportunity for natural healing through CBD. We are looking ONLY for the best of the best.


Why now?
CBD is well on its way to becoming a household item for frequent buyers who will come back again and again. The Costa Rican market is just opening, the demand is high and there are very few sellers who can offer it. Now is a good opportunity to join us, and to build a loyal clientele while the market is fresh. Selling CBD looks smarter every day!


Or from wherever you want!

Be your own boss.

Choose your hours.

It's not necessary to have any previous experience or knowledge in CBD, we will teach you everything you need to know.



There is no profit limit: The more your business grows, the more you earn!

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Who are we?

We are manufacturers and distributors of CBD products. Our goal is to educate
about the healing powers of hemp and to get our products in the hands of those
who need it the most. We provide high quality, high-efficacy CBD solutions. Our core value is to ensure 100% client satisfaction & retention through creating trust with exemplary customer service and the delivery of high-quality products and services.

who are we seeking?

We are seeking skilled, self-driven sales representatives with exceptional

communication skills. An effective candidate will be engaging and will be

able to establish trust quickly while greatly improving the customer experience.

You will have the independence to work your way with the aim to educate potential customers about our quality CBD products and assist them through the purchasing process while maintaining an outstanding level of customer service.

Why work with us?

•  BIG profits: You will earn 30-63% on products sold!
•  No big investments: we offer a financing program to help get you started.
•  We provide product training and support.
•  Flexible working hours - No limitations on your creativity, as long as you
reach your targets & represent us positively.
•  We treat all of our employees equally and appreciate their commitment
while offering additional rewards when they achieve goals.

•  You take care of our sales, and we take care of you!

do you qualify?

We are looking ONLY for the best of the best!
PLEASE don't apply for this job if you don't have these characteristics:


•  Ability to manage, multi-task, and prioritize with a strong focus on

outbound calls, inbound responsiveness, and customer service.
•  Strong time management and interpersonal skills with the ability to

track numerous details.
•  Good communication skills are key (written and verbal).
•  Ideally at least one year of Sales, Customer Service, or Marketing experience,

but less experience would be considered for the right candidate.
•  Natural curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset is a must.

•  Interest in the power of natural healing to improve wellbeing and quality of life.


Ready to take the next step?

Apply TODAY!

Why CBD?

Did you know that the CBD industry is projected to be worth $89 billion by 2026? To put this into perspective, the global ice cream market was worth $57.7 billion in 2018. If we compare these figures to the amount of CBD sales recorded in 2018 — around $591 million — it is clear that this market is on a steep incline.

Recently, CBD has conquered industry after industry - from food and beverage to health and beauty, and more.
In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Health issued the first CBD oil registry in July 2019. This represents the beginning of the Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp era for Costa Rica, and likely for the Central American region. 

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What does CBD do, exactly?

CBD is one of 113 chemicals that can be found in the cannabis plant. As opposed to THC, however, CBD does not provoke any psychoactive reaction (it doesn't get you "high"). Instead, it appears to have all kinds of other miraculous properties.

Preliminary clinical research has shown that CBD:
•    has anti-inflammatory properties and boost the immune system
•    helps to reduce anxiety and stress
•    improves the quality of sleep
•    boosts cognition

As if all of this wouldn’t be enough, CBD also enhances overall skin health and fights aging, as well as acne. Sounds like the perfect cure for the burdens of modern life, right?


The best products in the market

SparaUsa is not only interested in making and distributing the best products

available today, but we are also driven to elevate the entire industry’s standards

through education and advocacy. All of our high-quality CBD products are tested

and optimized for maximum efficacy for the promotion of overall health, and relief

from a wide variety of ailments. Through SparaUsa, you can purchase full-spectrum

CBD in doses ranging from 300mg to 2000mg. 



See what new Representatives like you can earn in your first few months:



on all sales



Milestone Bonus

up to


You can exceed ₵1,100,000 in commissions and bonuses per month by achieving all maximum sales targets.  


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Become a direct salesman

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You don’t need prior qualifications,

We will give you all of the training you need!


Training materials

We will provide training materials that will help you to be a professional consultant in the CBD field, and answer any questions your customers have.

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Personal support

An experienced member of our team will join you while you are starting out, supporting you while you get your business moving.



In order to be certified, you will need to pass a short online exam.

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Marketing materials

You will have access to graphic marketing materials, which you can use on social platforms to promote your business.



After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and will be able to open your business and start making money. 


direct sales home parties

We will teach you how to plan and organize home parties, give a presentation, and make many sales in one day! Learn more about home parties

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Juan Torres

I'm passionate about the products and the difference it's made for me and people in my life – I make money while helping people and it's great being my own boss!

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Maria Ortiz

It's great being able to fit work around the rest of my life. The total flexibility has been a huge help – I've been able to earn money while spending more time with my family.

Young Man Smiling in the Office

Miguel Fernández

I was surprised how much money I could make in the first months. Once they tried the products, it was clear how great these oils are. Now my friends are telling their friends and my business is growing really fast!